Our Scholarship Application Process

Our charitable Foundation, Cavalia Stables Foundation offer scholarship programs for both departments: STARS Charitable Scholarship for Equestrian Sport Education and ANGELS Charitable Scholarships for Cavalia Stables’ Equine Assisted Activities (EAA)

The scholarships eligibility is limited to Cavalia Stables programs. CSF accepts applications from any individual and does not discriminates in the basis of racial, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or financial status in any of its operations. No student income is barred. However, if the number of applicants are greater than what our budget permits, we will then go through a selection process to choose applicants based upon financial need.

In other for an individual to apply for stars or angels scholarship he/she must first undergo a screening process with Victoria Asuaje (954 – 434 0050 or victoria@cavaliastables.com) at Cavalia Stables to see if he/she qualifies. Four (4) applications must be filled: Application Form, Disclosed Statement, Income Verification, and Media Release. All applications must be carefully read and completed. There are deadlines throughout the year in which the students are able to send applications. Any late applications will NOT be considered and a new application must be completed for future deadlines.

Our Scholarship Programs

  • Charitable Scholarship for Stars

Cavalia Stables provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced horseback riding lessons for children and adults. Cavalia Stars stands for those riders from Cavalia Stables Sports Education with a genuine passion and talent to succeed in the particular sport who don’t have the financial abilities to actively pursue the sport.

Scholarships for Cavalia Stars workshops and riding lessons are limited in their scope. They are intended as tuition assistance to enable youth to participate whom otherwise would be unable to afford the full cost of workshops and lessons. Scholarship awards for participants are based on need and are awarded on a sliding scale; generally ranging from 25% – 100% of the total program cost. Scholarships are intended to give those without the financial ability to pay for our programs the opportunity to attend.

Step 1: Inquire by phone to Cavalia Stables Foundation 954-434-0050.


Step 2: Complete Scholarship Application.


Step 3: Provide video footage highlighting their riding ability.


Step 4: Submit scholarship application form to Cavalia Foundation via email: victoria@cavaliastables.com or mail to 6200 Melaleuca Road SW Ranches FL 33330

  • Charitable Scholarships for Angels

Cavalia ANGELS give charitable scholarships to participants from Cavalia Stables’ Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) based on economic need and/or disability-specific needs. The EAA program is also partially subsidized by our foundation to be more affordable for all individuals with a special challenges or disabilities.

As (in process to be) member center of PATH International, Cavalia Stables offers professional Equine Assisted Activities to area youth and adults.  This program offers many different activities involving the horse as a partner, either under saddle or on the ground.  The Equine Assisted learning process is planned and guided, with the goal being to increase the participant’s social competence and positive behavior.

Horses are congruent; they provide immediate meaningful feedback of non-verbal behavior.  In an EAA setting, the participants attempt to manage and direct their own behavior to evoke desirable responses from the horse.  The participants learn to recognize and give non-verbal communication cues to their horses through pressure, release and posture. This process allows the participants and facilitators to reflect on their behavior and the horse’s response through thoughts, feelings and communication skills and then apply these skills to a human partner.  The program is setup to improve self and social awareness, personal responsibility, goal directed behavior, self-management, communication skills, and positive behavior.  We have on staff a Counselor in Mental Health and Learning and a Licensed Registered Riding Instructor (Path Certified instructor) overseeing these programs.

Other Programs:

  • Community Outreach:

Cavalia Stables Foundation partners with existing programs such as Church Groups, School Groups and others to provide a hands-on one-day educational program in basic horse care to enhance the benefits of horses in the community.